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Recommended by pediatricians, our 3-step process to get rid of lice, including our exclusive warm air technology, is 99%+ effective in killing both lice and their eggs. Call now to speak with one of our lice specialists to learn more about all our lice treatment and lice removal options.


Our $170 Signature Treatment kills lice and eggs in a single treatment.*  It is the ONLY one and done lice treatment in Central PA!     NO required follow up at home, NO extra charges for long hair.  We stand behind our service!  If you are reinfested within 30 days, we will re-treat you for FREE.   See “Pricing” for more treatment options.  *Same day appointments are usually available or within 24 hours of calling.


Traditional drug store products no longer work because Super Lice are pesticide resistant. We have performed over 350,000 treatments with less than a 1% re-treatment rate.* Get the facts.  Call us to get rid of super lice in our comfortable lice removal clinic.  Learn great lice prevention tips too.


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My daughter has had lice two times in the past year. I’ve tried the over the counter products. They did not get rid of them at all. I heard of this clinic thru a friend who had the same problem with her child. So glad this clinic is in our area. It’s FDA approved unlike other salons. The staff is very professional, knowledgeable and empathetic!!! Best of all the lice was gone after 1 treatment!!!*
I happily went to her to receive “treatment” and wished I had known of her before I wasted so much time and money.*

S.W.Harrisburg, PA

After multiple tries with over the counter products, I finally caved in and took my daughter in to be treated. I couldn’t have been happier with the results. In less that 2 hours, she was finally lice free. The staff was very professional and made my daughter feel very comfortable throughout the whole process.*
I happily went to her to receive “treatment” and wished I had known of her before I wasted so much time and money.*

Brian J.Harrisburg, PA

Complete, one stop solution. They don’t use pesticides which Lice are now resistant to…they use the only FDA approved device to remove the Lice and their eggs in one appt. Love the guarantee…gives me peace of mind for my family! Super friendly staff and convenient hours and location. Discreet!!*

Heather A.Harrisburg, PA

Head Lice Treatment Services

We end the nightmare of head lice by dehydrating lice and their eggs in one easy treatment in our modern lice removal clinic. Our FDA-cleared† AirAllé (Air uh-lay) technology is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics* because it works to get rid of lice.

We know you are busy and we know you want to be free of the nightmare of lice so we offer a single, one visit lice treatment. Our clinic is clean and our staff is friendly. Kids love us! SEE VIDEO

Our lice treatment is completely pesticide free and even kills Super Lice. Call us today to get lice advice or to book an appointment. We are proudly serving Harrisburg, Lemoyne, Camp Hill, Mechanicsburg, Hershey, Carlisle, York and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania.  We are the premier lice removal  and lice prevention clinic in the area.


Learn more about our revolutionary process.

Lice Removal Services


The affected person and all family members should be thoroughly screened to find evidence of lice or eggs. Screening all members of the family is crucial to prevent re-infestation.


After screening, the trained clinician will provide a clear diagnosis of the level of infestation, so you know exactly what you are dealing with and which lice treatment options are available to you.

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